Thursday, January 23, 2014


Hey kids! Wow I cannot believe how long it has been since I posted. I guess I'm trying to make it up by posting a lot. Well today I decided to show a bit of my process. This drawing and the two below are for a personal project I'm doing with my good friend Danny Cooper. They are initial drawings, nothing final. 
     So right now I'm trying to push perspective within characters. As you can see from the bottom image I start out with a very rough blocking of the character, but try to include perspective. I'm trying to identify the character's body shape. Then I flesh out the drawing, quite literally. I usually draw a character naked first. I need to know the folds of the flesh first so the clothing can fold more believably. (Go to life drawing!) Add the clothes, then a final rendering.
     Of course this process looks very neat and tidy, just do this, then this, then you're done! Not the case in reality. I work then rework everything. It's very messy, but eventually something pops out and you run with that. Then you hate that. Then you wish you were better at drawing. Keep working though. It's problem solving and eventually it you'll arrive to that place where you're excited. You've got something and you don't want to stop. That is a good place.

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